Your Receivables Don't Lie

Why isn’t your revenue cycle producing the results you need?
Where are the weak links? Where is your revenue cycle breaking down?

The answers to these questions can be found through an in-depth analysis of your receivables. That is how we would begin an assessment of your revenue cycle—before interviewing management and production staff and before assessing policies and processes—even if these subsequent steps are deemed necessary.

After twenty-eight years of providing valuable revenue cycle services to more than one hundred hospitals in New England, New York, and Ohio, we know that interviews and process reviews are helpful, but can sometimes be misleading concerning the strength of your revenue cycle.

The effects of revenue cycle weaknesses will show up in all their ugliness in your receivables… and that is where we need to look first.

What we do:

While onsite at your offices, we will analyze your accounts using a statistically significant sample. The sample will include all financial classes and all insurances within each financial class. The account statuses analyzed will include the Unbilled (UB), Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB), and Billed for third party payor and self-pay debit and credit balances. We will utilize your patient accounting software to analyze each account in the sample. Each account in the sample will be documented and we will comment on the billing and follow-up activity on each account.

After our analysis is complete, we will meet with the appropriate management staff to discuss the results. If there are any potentially negative findings, we would determine if they are currently being addressed, the manner in which they are being addressed, who is addressing them, and whether the current solution is being monitored and by whom.

We will provide you with a report of our findings including the documentation for each account in the sample. In addition, we will provide information indicating the reason(s) the accounts are aging and make recommendations to address any negative findings based on our analysis of the accounts. These recommendations might include staff training in billing and follow-up, improved patient accounting system Sat Jun 14: Not LazyYou”re not lazy when it comes to using your brain, free virgo horoscope , as you show so well today. utilization, better accounts receivable monitoring, Vi har laget en oppsummering av de forskjellige typene spill som utviklerne lager for a gjore nettopp sitt unikt. or cross-training within patient accounts, and we pokies online will comment on your point-of-service collection policy, or lack thereof, and its effect on your outstanding self-pay accounts receivable.

Are additional steps warranted?

There are instances when revenue cycle problems cannot be completely determined from reading a patient account. These include: questions of staffing levels, problems in other revenue cycle departments, coverage for patient accounting staff due to illness, casino online vacations, etc., and issues in non-revenue cycle areas.

The concerns listed above may indicate that a comprehensive revenue cycle assessment be done or that an accounts receivable clean-up project is required.

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